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HelpMeFind Sponsorship Features
List your Company or Organization

Everyone is welcome to add their gardening related company or organization to HelpMeFind.  We list nurseries, public gardens, societies and associations, breeders, discoverers, authors, publications and articles.  Your listing includes a description, contact information, events and promotions, message board and much more.  We provide the tools to easily and efficiently manage them.

Each listing group - NURSERIES, GARDENS, SOCIETIES & ASSOCIATIONS, etc. - include a Add new listing to HMF tab with an ADD NEW … button to add yourself.

Plant List

HelpMeFind provides several methods to build and maintain your nursery, garden, breeder or discoverer plant list.  See the HOW DO I … button for additional instructions.

HMF plants lists have the significant advantage of knowing all the synonyms for each plant.  This cross referencing of names allows site guests to find a plant using any of its synonyms.

  • Each plant listing's Gardens tab includes a MY GARDEN button to add the currently displayed plant to your member or public garden's plant list.
  • If you have a nursery listing, use MY NURSERY button found on the Buy From tab to add the currently displayed plant to your nursery listing.
  • Your listing's plant list tab includes a button labeled UPDATE PLANT LIST.  This feature allows you to interactively search for plants to add or remove.  The search form includes detailed help instructions.
  • Your listing's plant list tab also includes a UPLOAD LIST OF PLANTS button used to upload a text file of plant names.  You will find detailed instructions on the upload form.  This allows you to load you plant list with a large number of plants very quickly.

Societies and Associations include a plant list of a different nature.  It is an aggregate plant list of the society's member gardens.  This is a great way for members to learn what other members are growing and share their experience with each other.  HMF members use the MEMBER button on a society's listing to add themselves to the member list and merge their HMF member garden list in with the other members.  The listing administrator manages the society's member list using the MEMBER LIST button.


Upload photos of your listing using the UPLOAD PHOTO button found on your Photos tab.

Upload photos of specific plants using the UPLOAD PHOTO button found on each plant's Photos tab.  Be sure to credit each of your plant photos to your listing using the "Courtesy of" prompt and we will provide a link back to your listing giving you additional exposure on HMF.

Please only upload photos your own or you have received explicit permission from the owner to use.  You retain ownership rights of your photos you upload.

Events & Promotions

Post your upcoming events and promotions.  They are included on both your listing's Events & Promotions tab as well as HMF's site-wide Events Calendar.  Listings of events for local participation are greatly enhanced by HMF's local map and driving directions feature.

Add your events using the ADD NEW EVENT OR PROMOTION button found on your Events & Promotions tab.

Plant Source Locator

Everyday, site guests use HMF to find sources selling or growing specifc plants.  Your listing's name, with a link to your complete listing, is included on site guest plant searches for plants you feature.  Our plant search feature is easy to use and very powerful.  All plant pages include a Buy From tab listing nurseries offering that plant and a Gardens tab listing gardens growing it.  Sponsor listings are listed before non-sponsor listings - first gold and then silver followed by non-sponsor listings.

  • Search for plants using the full name or just part of the name.
  • HMF knows the different synonyms each plant is known by and will find plants using anyone of them even if your listing's plant list has it listed under a different name.
  • Plants sharing the same name (surprisingly common) are listed with identifying characteristics so site guests can pick the right one.
Website Link

Nursery, public garden, and society or association listings include a convenient VISIT THEIR WEBSITE button to take site guests directly to your website with a single click.

Enhanced Display Format

The display format and feature set of your listing is greatly enhanced.  You are free to include a text description telling site guests complete details about your nursery as well as upload photos to be included on your listing's opening page and whenever you nursery is included in a list.

Preferential List Treatment

Your nursery is prominently featured before non-sponsor listings on all the appropriate plant BUY FROM lists and is distinctively highlighted everywhere in the system to signal your support of HelpMeFind.

Plant List Listing Options

Nursery, garden, breeder, discoverer, society and HMF member listings include a Plant Listing tab listing the plants they offer, feature, grow, have bred or discovered.

The plant list options provide for customization of those plant lists to better suit the site guest's needs.  For example, instead of the default alphabetical list of just plant names, they can choose to list your plants by class or color and include a brief description or a thumbnail photo of each.

Maps & Driving Directions

Members have local maps and driving directions available to help them find local nurseries, public gardens, societies and events.

Where google map information is available, listing's include MAP and DIRECTIONS buttons.

Private Message Board

Your listing's private message board allows you to accept and reply to member's private messages.  You control your listing's own private message board on your listing's Private Messages tab.

Multi-Criteria Advanced Plant Search

The advanced plant search allows site guests to search your listing's plant list using one or more of the following critera:

  • Name or partial name including all common and uncommon synonyms.
  • Class group(s) or specific class(es).
  • Color and unique color attributes (e.g. Red with white edges).
  • Bloom characteristics inclucing bloom form, cycle and fragrance.
  • Habit characteristics including habit and foliage attributes.
  • Growing characteristics including zone, disease resistence, uses and growing tips.
  • Breeding information including breeder, country of origin and year bred.
  • Introduction information including introducer, introduction country and year introduced.
  • Descendants of a specific parent plant or descendants or a specific cross. Also ploidy.
  • Plants having specific listing information like awards, photos, reviews, ratings, patents, etc.
Catalog & Newsletter Requests

Members can request a catalog or newsletter with a single-click.  The request is logged for both you and the member allowing you both to monitor and update the status of each request.

Members use the REQUEST CATALOG and REQUEST NEWSLETTER buttons to make their request.  This is one of the few areas of HMF where member contact information is provided but only after they have given explicit permission for each request.  Use the SITE GUEST REQUESTS button to review and update the status of current and past requests.  HMF keeps a history for you.

Announcement Subscription

Members can subscribe to receive your announcements of promotions, sales, events or other special notices.  This allows you to keep in touch with interested members (they subscribe) that prefer not to provide personal contact information at this time.

Each member on your subscription list receives a HMF private message with your announcement and they are notified through our private message alert system.

Members add themselves to your subscriber list with a single click of the SUBSCRIBE button on your HMF listing. 

Plant Availabilty Confirmation

Nursery listings include a REQUEST PLANT AVAILABILITY button that works in concert with site guest's HMF plant wish lists.

With a single click, site guests can request a plant availabilty confirmation for their wish list prior to placing an order.  Confirming current plant stock is quick and easy - you are presented with a form listing their desired plants with the plants you offer already pre-selected based on your listing's plant list.  Just check the appropriate boxes to make adjustments to account for sold out stock or new inventory.  In addition, any plant availability changes are immediately reflected in your listing's plant list to keep your listing current and negate the need to repeat the same adjustments.

HMF will alert them when you have responded and they can review their plant wish list to check for up to the minute plant inventory changes before placing an order.

Plant Wish List

The Wish List is one of HMF's most useful and powerful features and your potential plant sales.  It allows HMF members to build, maintain and monitor a list of plants they wish to (possibly) purchase immediately or in the future (next season).

Member wish list reporting lists the sponsor nurseries offering the various plants on their wish list.  The can also review a list of all sponsor nurseries offering one or more of their wish list plants.  Premium-membership members are not limited to sponsor nurseries.

You also have the option to have HMF contact site members notifying them of availability of plants on thier wish list.  They receive an notification with a link to your nursery and a list of your plants matching their wish list and can then choose to contact you about ordering.  Individual member information is not included in your wish list reporting; we notify them of plant availability on your behalf and they choose to initiate contact as desired - member privacy is never violated on HMF.

In addition, every night, any new additions or changes to your listing's plant list are compared to the appropriate member's wish lists (residing in your country or you ship to) to look for matches and members are notified.

Sponsor nurseries also are able to view aggregate wish list reports showing the plants most wanted by all the site guests combined.  You access the wish list reporting using the PLANT WISH LISTS button on your nursery listing.  Be sure to use the help buttons on the forms for detailed instructions on how get the most from this unique feature.

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